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[Direct Sale] More Spring Cleaning!

Hey guys, I'm still spring cleaning and decided that I have a few more bentos I'd like to sell. There might even be more in the next few days, I'm not sure.

List of Items for Sale --

Blue and Black Hakoya Brand 3-Tier Bento with carrier stand and chopsticks.
3 Piece Green Thermos Thermal Bento with insulated bag.
2-Tier Docomodake Bento.
Black Hakoya Wanwan Bento.
3 Piece Red Thermos Thermal Bento with insulated bag.
Red 3-Tier Hakoya Brand Bento with carrier.

All items are brand new and have never been used. The Thermos bentos are still in their original boxes and have their tags, as well. However, the Hakoya bentos and Docomodake bento are no longer in their original wrappings.

Pictures and details regarding pricing and shipping, after the cut! Enjoy ^_^

Hakoya Brand 3-Tier Bento with Stand and Matching Chopsticks - This is a really pretty set. I often still see similar ones on ebay. The bento comes with the carry case, a pair of wooden chopsticks, a chopstick rest that also fits on the tip of the chopsticks to keep them clean, and a red belt. I'll have the red belt stored within the top tier. Price for 3-Tier Hakoya Bento = US $13

Black Hakoya Wanwan Bento. This bento has three pieces to it. The lower bowl, middle section, which has a seal, and the top bowl. It really looks great with the 3-Tier Hakoya bento pictured above and I originally bought both at the same time, to make a set of them. Price for Hakoya Wanwan Bento = US $5

Green Thermos Bento with insulated Bag. This type of bento is still pretty common on ebay, so you might have seen some similar to it, in the past. It's all still in its original wrappings and box. It's a very pretty green color with little clover markings. Price for Thermos Bento = US $20

2-Tier Docomodake Bento This bento comes with two removable inner dividers. Price for Docomodake Bento = US $8

Red/Maroon Thermos Bento This bento is similar to the green one posted above. The only real difference, aside from color, is the shape of the two mini containers. The mini containers for the red Thermos Bento are shaped like half moons. Price for Red Thermos Bento = US $20 It still has all of it's original wrappings and box, I just removed the plastic around the thermos part to give a better idea of the color.

Red 3-Tier Hakoya Bento with Carry Case. This bento still has it's original box, but not it's original wrappings. The bento belt wraps around and has velcro on it, to keep the items secure. Price for Red Hakoya 3-Tier Bento = US $13

Payment would need to be through paypal, please, and I'd be happy to ship anywhere inside the US, but unfortunately, I won't be able to ship outside of the country. I greatly apologize for this.

I'll calculate shipping with you one on one, that way you can let me know if you'd prefer standard or priority mail. And, I'll pay for insurance, myself, so no need to worry about that. ^_^

Please just let me know via your comments below, if you'd like to purchase any of these items. I'll do my best to check back frequently throughout the day and get back to anyone who's interested, asap!

Thanks so much!

EDIT -- Just wanted to let everyone know that I've made a second entry in bentoforsale, because I was afraid that this post was getting a bit too image heavy for some. There are new bentos added in the newer post, as well.
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