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bentoforsale's Journal

Bento For Sale
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A place for people to sell bento supplies.

Post all pictures behind a cut. Please mark topic as "WTB" (wanted to buy) DS (direct sell) or TRADE

If you have feedback please post where.

Bad deals will get you kicked

"American" style bento supplies are fine. This includes Tupperware and Snapware or Laptop Lunchbox

Trades are allowed and encouraged

Non US residents welcome

WTB (want to buy) posts also go behind a cut

What are considered bento supplies? This list includes but is not limited to:

Bento specific cookbooks
Bento containers western or eastern style
Accessories such as dividers, cute containers
Chopsticks, sporks, forks in cases or part of a set
Sauce containers
Custom made oshiburi and furoshiki
Canned or dried Asian style foods such as ramen and umeboshi (food must be able to travel well)
Food cutters