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holy moly! destash!

I will mail with USPS priority mail. I can do flat rate or weight-based, whichever is cheaper for you. I take PayPal and ship the day after you pay me (I'm moving, so I'm trying to get this stuff out of here ASAP). Packages are coming from the Seattle area. Local pickups are fine if you want to meet me on the east side (message me to work out details).

Hakoya real wood lacquered oval bento: $15
Woven, black-lacquered bamboo. The inside is dark red. Comes with wooden t-shaped divider and black elastic band. Very pretty and traditional. About 6.5" long and 4.5" wide. 550 ml. New without package.

Hakoya mottainai gold leaves bento: $15
Really beutiful deep burgundy color with metallic gold leaves and irridescent circles. 2 compartments (top one has a plastic lid). Comes with red elastic band. I don't know the ml, but it's 6.25x4x3.25". New without package.

Hakoya mini bento: $12
So cute! Baby blue with pearlescent and matte sakura design. 2 compartments (top one has a plastic lid). Comes with blue elastic band. I don't know the ml, but dimensions are 5x2.5x2.75". Collapsable. New without package.

Hakoya men's large bento: $20
Jet black with red sparkly kanji (I think it says ryu/dragon). Black stylized brushstroke dragon graphic on the lid. 2 compartments (top one has plastic lid). Comes with black elastic band. I don't know the ml, but the dimensions are 8x2.5x3". Collapsable. It's unused but it's been in a box for a while so it has a couple small scuffs on it.

Usagi bento bowl: $10
Glossy woodgrain plastic with rabbits and other traditional Japanese motifs. 2 compartments (top one has plastic lid). Comes with red elastic band. Not sure of the ml, but it's standard bento bowl size at 4x3". New without package.

Natural Lunch single-tier bento: $3
Tan color. Snap-locking sides. New without package.

Natural Lunch 2-tier bento: $3
Tan color. Collapsable. New without package.

Natural Lunch Sandwich bento: $3
Tan color. Collapsable. New without package.

Torune Mama's Assist sandwich shape cutter: $5
Set of 4: boat, plane, car, and bus. New without package.

Happy Balloon Pink Single-tier bento: $2
480 ml. Daiso brand. Hot pink with opaque snap-locking lid. New in package.

Happy Balloon Pink Drawstring Kinchaku Bento Bag: $2
Great way to carry your lunch. 7x10". New in package.

Happy Balloon Medium Pink or Orange Chopsticks Case: $2 each
Holds regular adult chopsticks. Bringing your own reuseable chopsticks is a great way to reduce environmental impact. New in package.

Feel at Ease snap-locking mini bento box: $2
260 ml. In very good condition, only used it to keep my animal picks in.

Cherry Pink thermal bento bag: $2
Baby pink with white polka dots. Thermal lining keeps your food hot or cold. Big enough for a sandwich bento or a smallish regular bento. Velcro closure. New without package.

Cherry Pink chopsticks and case: $2
Cute chopsticks case with white grip-end chopsticks. Cherry Pink logo is on the top of the chopsticks. New without package.

Oshibori Wanco Yellow or Pink Hand Towel with Case: $2 each
Cute washcloth with animal print comes in matching snap-locking plastic case. Bring a hand towel with you to help reduce waste. New without package.

Monkey Mayonaise Case with Banana Spoon and bear mayo case: $3
One girl and one boy monkey. They hold your ketchup or mayo and when you're ready to use it, you dish it out with the little banana-shaped spoon. Also included is a Ciao! Farm yellow bear sauce case. All are new without package.

Torune Mama's Assist ketchup and mayo cases with spreaders: $4
The red one is an elephant and the blue one is a pig. Their heads flip back to open and they hold the yellow spreaders with their feet. Cute and high quality. New without package.

Variety Shaped Mini Onigiri Mold Set of 3: $2
Bear, little girl, and little boy rice ball molds make dekoben easy. About 2" wide. New in package.

Torune Mama's Assist Mini Onigiri Mold Set of 3: $5
Bear, elephant, and fish rice ball molds make decorating your bento simple! About 2" wide. New in package. (Quality note: M's A stuff is better quality than Daiso stuff, which is why the price is higher than my other stuff...I think I paid 6 bucks for these not including shipping.)

Box of 16 Fish-shaped Soy Sauce Bottles: $2
16 standard fishy soy sauce bottles in clear plastic snap box. New in package. It's in bottom right of photo.

Big lot of Hello Kitty and Usahana Sanrio bento items: $10
Lot of HK bento items, comes with everything in the picture. 1: Official Sanrio Hello Kitty sauce bottles from 2002 and Usahana sauce bottles from 2004. 2 pink and 2 yellow full body Kitty-chan, 2 red and 2 green Kitty-chan head, 2 yellow Usahana head, 2 pink full-body Usahana, and one blue dropper. New without package. 2: Kitty sauce bottles with pink and yellow labels and red screw-on caps. Each bottle holds 4cc. New in package. 3" Kitty head bento box by Skater. 270 ml. In very good condition.

Boiled Egg Molds: $2 each
Mold your boiled eggs into cute shapes. Bear or car available. New without package.

Sanrio Cinamoroll Boiled Egg Mold: $7
Sanrio's boiled egg molds are very nice quality, with 4 locking sides to prevent leakage. New without package.

Vintage Sanrio Onigiri Pack Set of 5: $4
These are awesome. Just like the kind they use to wrap onigiri in convenience stores, only even cuter and better because they're made by Sanrio. From 1989. New in package.

Totoro Water Canteen with Strap: $10
I can't remember how much I paid for this, but I'm sure it was at least twice what I'm selling it for now. I picked this up in Japan about 5 years ago and never ended up using it. It holds 400 ml of liquid. I suggest water or low-viscosity juice (if you put juice in it you will have to rinse right away to avoid sticky residue in the straw and bottle). The lid has a push-button which flips open the top and the drinking straw can be locked closed to avoid leaks. Very high quality Skater brand item. It's been out of production for a long time so it's also rare. Official Ghibli item with licensing sticker attached.

Urara by Lube Sheep Blue Drawstring Kinchaku Mug Bag: $2
Blue drawstring bag makes it easier to carry your lunch. You can use this to carry a water bottle/thermos or snack bento. 7.5x6". New in package.

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