anchovylove (anchovylove) wrote in bentoforsale,

Wanted: 2-tier mesh sandwich bento


I am looking for a 2-tier sandwich bento with the mesh top tier and regular plastic bottom tier. I have only seem this Keroppi one (I'd rather not have a character on it) and a couple of pink ones online. I'd take pretty much any color other than pink. I don't mind a used bento box as long as it is still in good condition. Does anyone know where I can find these? I checked Ichiban Kan and Daiso this morning, as well as a small local Japanese grocery store but didn't have any luck finding them there. Online sources would be great, but if anyone in the SF, CA area has a source for bento, that would be great too. Or if you have one to sell, I'd definitely be interested. Thanks!

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